Wall Mounted Emergency Flashlight

Date:02 Nov, 2018

Wall Mounted Emergency Flashlight

The VSD-02 series is popular model of LED wall-mount emergency fire fighting flashlights. It is powered by 3 AAA carbon dry batteries and has a wall-mounted structure with six strong LED lamp beads, beautiful and durable.

Product Features:
① Wall Mounted Design
② Six LED High-brightness Lamp Beads
③ Remove turn on & Replace turn off
④ Night Fluorescent Alert Sticker

Material: ABS plastic
Lamp bead: 6 LEDs
Color: Silver / Black / Red / White
Dimensions: 153 * 40 * 42 mm (Φ32.5 * Φ34 * 135 mm)
Batteries: 3 AAA batteries
Weight: 120 g
Accessories: Wall mounted Holder, batteries holder, fluorescent warning labels

Packing: 80pcs/carton
Carton: 440*210*370mm
Gross weight: 8.2kg
Volume: 0.034 m³