Rechargeable Wall-mount Torchlight

Date:02 Nov, 2018

Rechargeable Wall-mount Torchlight

The VSD-01NS flashlight with unique appearance and exquisiteness features auto-charging, full automatic power-off, strong LED brightness, stable operation, and durability. It requires no manual maintenance and has a long-term use cost.

Charging Kit:
① LED All-Alluminium Flashlight
② Charging & Wall-mount Holder
③ Rechargeable Batteries Pack
④ Standard Charger(110~240v Global Voltage)

Material: All-aluminum body/rubber non-slip grip cover/ABS plastic base
lamp beads:13 LED
color: Silver Black
Dimensions:185*60*55 mm(Φ45*Φ26 *175 mm)
Battery: 3 AA AA batteries
Weight: 325 g
Accessories: Charging Wall-Mount Holder, Battery Holder
Note: Only Rechargeable Kit comes with Rechargeable Batteries Pack and Charger

Packing: 40pcs/carton
Carton: 430*370*290mm
Gross: 14kg
Volume: 0.046 m³